It was the 60s. A time of turmoil in America. Young men and women who were facing a change of social norms, the horror of the Vietnam War, and racial unrest in the country. The younger generation was challenging the older generation for its hypocrisy, for its dependency on the status quo, and for its failure to recognize that the times were changing . . . facts that resulted in total disillusionment by most young Americans who simply refused to go along with the charade any longer.


Long Time Passing is a novel set in those times. Jonathan, the main character, was drafted into an army he did not believe in and thrust into a part of the country whose culture he did not understand and was opposed to.


          Despite all of this . . . he would find unwavering friendship among his fellow soldiers while confronting bigotry, prejudice and racism. And although an immense personal tragedy shatters his idea of who he is, throwing him into a long journey of despair while searching for his place in the scheme of things, at the end of the day Long Time Passing is also a great love story in which Jonathan finds redemption, and discovers love and his own humanity in a way he least expected it.

 Ed Levesko studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris.


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 2013 new edition is now available in paper back at $14.95.   It is also available in Kindle at $2.99



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