Eddies in Life

Life is like a river, it creates eddies that flow, swirl, ebb and fling everything in their path, as they scuffle with the surge. No life is without strong undercurrents. We struggle with the flow. We do not control how events inundate our lives. And there are moments when we manage to come out at the other end scarred but, nonetheless, a bit wiser about who we are and how we fit into the scheme of things.


The novel, Eddies in Life, is an attempt to catch a glimpse of life’s flow, of its reality, of its fickleness. Three stories, unfettered, with no permanency. And like eddies in a river, they appear, create their own turbulence, and soon they dissolve into the stream of existence. Each eddy is but an instant, singular, a spin in time and space. And in life no eddy is similar, and no one rides it out in the same way. But we survive.


Ed Levesko studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris.


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 2015 new edition is now available in paper back at $14.95.   It is also available in Kindle at $2.99



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