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Ed Levesko

Served in far-east while in the army during the Vietnam War.  Went to the Sorbonne, in Paris. Was a freelance journalist while living in Europe. Has traveled around the world. Speaks several languages. He’s working on another book. Lives in Los Angeles.


Author of:


At the End of the Day

A love story. It is Paris, 1968, during the student revolt at the Sorbonne. The novel weaves a tale of search for la raison d’être with Alex, an American journalist, witnessing events in Greece, Yugoslavia, the Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia, and finally watching the blood run on the streets of the Latin Quarter.


Long Time Passing

This novel is set at Ft. Bragg, an army, base in North Carolina, and explores the essence of friendship, the ugliness of racial unrest, the pain of self-discovery, and the ultimate redemption, and it is a great love story novel, very funny and human.

A la Fin du Jour

Une histoire d’amour. C’est Paris, en 1968, durant la révolte estudiantine à la Sorbonne. Le roman tisse l’histoire d’Alex, journaliste Américain, à la recherche de sa raison d’être, aussi témoin d’événements en Grèce, en Yougoslavie, du Printemps de Prague en Tchécoslovaquie, pour finalement voir le sang couler dans les rues du quartier Latin.

Eddies in Life

The stories are just moments held in time and space with no permanency for us to go back and find them again. No eddy is the same or lasts in a permanent state. It comes and it goes just like in a river. In life, there are as many eddies as there are hearts and souls that populate and make life what it is.


contemporary anti-play with two characters–males–confronted with existential questions, trying to come to terms with who they are, and the total absurdity of life.


Une anti-pièce contemporaine avec deux personnages mâles confrontés à des questions existentielles, essayant de se réconcilier avec ce qu’ils sont et l’absurdité totale de leur existence.

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